Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement  

Educational Service Unit 10’s Mission is:

To partner with stakeholders to meet changing needs through professional expertise in providing services, learning opportunities and support.

Our agency’s mission has been developed and revised by all staff, and approved by member school Superintendents.  Additionally, ESU 10 staff has developed a shared vision that represents the core values and beliefs of the agency.  The ESU 10 Shared Vision is organized into four categories:
     • Professionalism
     •  Products & Services
     •  Delivery
     •  Effectiveness

Click here to access the ESU 10 Shared Vision document.

 The Nebraska Framework for Continuous Improvement is the model ESU 10 utilizes to guide continuous improvement process efforts.  The ESU 10 Continuous Improvement Process is led by the Unit Improvement Team which is a representative group from each of the four departments within the agency as well as the ESU 10 Administrator and Department Directors.  The Unit Improvement Team meets monthly to ensure continuous growth and improvement. 

Our continuous improvement priority areas are:
     •  To provide professional, knowledgeable, responsive staff
     •  To strengthen and develop customized products and services
     •  To bridge the gaps of time and distance through maximum utilization of resources
     •  To assist our customers in identifying and achieving their goals

Each priority area has an assigned committee comprised of interdepartmental staff committed to agency improvement through the development of goals and action plans.  Priority Area Committees (PAC) are led by a PAC Leader and Recorder.  The PAC Leaders report to the Unit Improvement Team who in turn provides feedback, resources, and support for PAC initiatives. 

Please contact us if you are interested in more information regarding our continuous improvement process.