Take Time for You ~ January 22, 2020

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DepartmentESU 10 - T&L
Primary ContactTheresa Ritta-Olson
Facilitator(s)Jeff Janda

The key to thriving, as both a human and an educator, rests in daily self-care activities. With Take Time for You, you will discover a clear path to well being by working through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—(1) physiological, (2) safety, (3) belonging, (4) esteem, (5) self-actualization, and (6) transcendence. Tina Boogren offers a range of manageable research-based strategies, self-care surveys, and reflection questions that will guide you in developing an individualized self-care plan.

Embrace imperfection as you develop your own self-care plan:
    *Understand the challenges for teachers and how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes into play in your personal and professional life.
    *Design action plans so you can meet your own physiological, safety, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization needs and finally, transcend and connect with something greater than yourself.

LocationESU 10 Kearney NE
Section Date(s)
January 22, 2020      9:00 AM       3:30 PM  
AudienceAdminstrator and Educators interested in Self-care
Distance LearningNo, this section can NOT be taken via distance learning.
LunchYes, lunch is provided.
StudentsNo, student support is NOT enabled for this section.
Extra CreditNo, this section can NOT be taken for college credit.
CommentsTitle IV consortium members will receive sub reimbursement for attending.